What am I doing that's breaking my Xbee S2s?

So obviously I’m doing something wrong. I have two Xbee s2s set up in AT mode (One on a breadboard the other connected via Xbee explorer) and in my circuit I’ve gotten them to communicate but without fail most of my devices heat up as they become a short between the Vcc and GND pins. I’ve kept my supply voltage regulated to 3.3 within a few mV for the whole circuit which includes 16 sensors being addressed by a microcontroller and all the in-between bit of circuitry.

Is there an issue with my breakout board? I only have 3 pins connected.

Am I not regulating as well as I could be?

Is the voltage on my TX pin too high?

Any thoughts as to what I’m doing wrong?

What pins are you connecting to the module?