Connect Wi-ME and adhoc SSID creation


Some time ago we developped a product that configured the Connect Wi-ME as ad-hoc access points.

I am now asked to reproduce this and am totally unable to replicate this behaviour. I can configure the device to connect to an access point so I can upgrade and configure it, but I can’t configure the device to act as an access point so that other devices can connect to it.

Is this this possible? I have feeling that creating ad-hoc access points is no longer possible on these devices on the latest firmwares. Is this correct?

In advance, thanks.

Please take a look at the following release note

Ad Hoc Wireless Network Type
will be removed, as well as any ability to configure country code, channels, or Network type.


Yes, thanks for your answer. That’s the document I had read and I didn’t know if it was already effective.
If so, how can I downgrade to a previous version that allowed the ad-hoc mode?