Connect WiME-9210 - Compiling with WPS Enabled Fails

Have not seen any posts from others using the WiMe 9210. We just enabled WPS via the dialog settings and it fails to link correctly.

Has anyone else had success with WPS on the new WiME 9210? (Support for it is only in NET-OS 7.5)

The source files needed appear to be located at: (and likely others)
however this is not included as part of the build.

Taking a glance at the Makefiles.files list there are significant differences between the WiMe and the WiMe-9210. I know that the 9210 version uses a different WiFi chipset but I would have thought the WPS functionality would be abstracted from that.

Just looks like something is missing from the default build scripts.

I have a support request open but thought I’d see if anyone else had experienced/resolved this issue.

I am using 7.5.2 with the latest package updates installed.

Funny a search of ‘WPS’ on the forum returns nada…


The WiMe 9210 does not support WPS Enabled, it uses a different driver than the WiEM 9210, please see reference below taken from the NET+OS 7.5.2 API reference guide.
Category: Wireless Driver
Set this constant to TRUE to include Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) in the BSP. Set it to FALSE if you do not intend to use WPS. BSP_WANT_WIRELESS must be TRUE to use this.

Include file
#include “wpa_api.h”

Library dependencies
libwpa(dbg).a, libcrypto(dbg).a, libssl(dbg).a
Platforms supported
Digi Connect Wi-EM, Digi Connect Wi-ME, Digi Connect Wi-SP, Digi Connect WIEM 9210, ConnectCore Wi-9C, ConnectCore Wi-9P 9215

Is there no way to add WPS functionality to a Connect WiMe 9210 project? It seems Campbell is correct. I started a project anticipating adding WPS, only to discover I can’t. Is there example code somewhere for rolling our own?

Actually WPS is not supported in Linux but is supported in Netos 7.5.2. You do not need to make any changes or add anything as far as i remember. all you need to do is:
BSP_WPS_ENABLED must be set to TRUE to include WPS.
If BSP_WPS_START is set to TRUE, WPS is initialized and included in BSP. This allows users to invoke WPS process via dialog.