ConnectCore 6UL DTS

It is the first time I trying to build Linux Embedded image with Buildroot. I have successfully build the image with custom user account and permission but I have some problems with DTS description. I need to configure UART4 (ConnectCore 6UL SBC Express) with flow control (RTS/CTS). These pins are already used by ENET1_PWR and USER_BUTTON.
How should I reassign them to CTS and RTS?
Where does ENET1_PWR be setted/cleared (any kernel file…)?

Thank you very much

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Please use smart IOmux tool to configure and generate your device tree


First of all, thank you very much.

On IOMux I have found the GPIO used to power ethernet PHY, but where does this pin be controlled?
I mean, where is the code that set that pin HIGH or LOW? I think it should be removed, IOMux will just create the DTS but does not disable that code, is it not right?

Thank you very much