Connectore6UL Linux

I am using the ConnectoreCore6UL with custom buildroot image and I am looking for any advice for the below questions:

  1. The evaluation board uses the GPIO3_IO02 as ENET1_PWR. Where is the code that control this output? I have looked in some driver file but I could not find any reference to that pin.

  2. Is there any way to reboot linux without “sudo” (and so without root permission)? I do not think that including the “sudo” package in the Linux image is safe enough. Should I use an output to pull-down the “MCA_RESET_n” pin?

  3. As for the above question, how can I complete the “poweroff” procedure without root permission? I think that just removing the power could damage the Linux partion, is it not right?

Thank you very much for any response.

  1. There is no code that currently controls this pin in driver. The pin is set as GPIO.

  2. check this for example:

  3. correct

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