Connected status

we have a DIGI-ME which connect as Client to our application Server. The module is configured with Profile TCP Sockets. It works fine.

Our problem is that there are many ways the module can Connect to the Server (Automatic, OnDSR, etc.),
but I see no ways to understand when the connection is Done or Lost !

In TCP Profile the HwFlow control pins (Dsr,Dcd,…) are not meaningful; I think this is the reason why they Can be used to initiate and close a connection. Ok, very useful, but in the same way I would expect a pin (Dtr) which tell me when the Connection is successful (Active) or when it’s lost…

I see a huge amount of parameters available to satisfy almost any communication preference, but no way to say a simple
“Connection Active” or “Connection Lost”…
Am I missing something ? Can you help to get out this status from Digi-ME ?

Thank you,