Connecting to RCM6650W ad-hoc network from Win10 PC

I’m looking to establish a connection from a PC running Windows 10 to an ad-hoc network being hosted by an RCM6650W module…

So far I have noticed that there are often times driver compatibility issues when it comes to Windows and ad-hoc networks…

Should most modern USB WiFi adapters be able to handle a connection directly to an RCM-hosted ad-hoc network?


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For anyone interested, I’ve managed to get a Win10 PC to connect to the RCM6650W-hosted ad-hoc network via a TP-LINK (updated drivers are important) WiFi USB adapter using the following article:

It’s not so straight forward as to simply click ‘connect’ from the WiFi network discovery list, but it could also certainly be worse!

Working like a charm to say the least.

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