Connecting XBee to ThingSpeak

How can I run this project using only X4 and digi sensors, but without Arduino?
The problem is that this project use API key (and put it into arduino code), in order to make the connection. But without arduino i don’t know where to put the key, in to X4 or in didi esp for python, where the simulation take place?

I thing that some thing has to send a message to the gateway.

I copy the write api key address and paste it in to web service in yml file, and i load it, but in thingspeak the was no change in the channels. Any help?


I have not tried this but I suspect the TLS data at would be a good starting point.

Digi Support

I was hoping for more practical advice. where i have to put the Api key and the URL, in order to make the connection between the cloud and the kit i use (the professional kit)


The kit you are working with is about 10 years old. Things Speak did not exits when this kit was assembled. I am not aware of any code examples for what you are looking for. My best guess is that you need to look at the TLS function at would be a good starting point. first. Then adjust your code accordingly.

My question is simpler: Is there method to upload sensor data to cloud (thingspeak or else) via connect port X4 ?

May be something like this:

You are referring to two different products. The link you are using above is for the New XBee Industrial gateway and not the X4. There are samples in the Digi ESP for Python for the X4. Again, they are not going to be for Things Speak. They will be for the Digi Remote Manager at most.

You are circumventing my question