Basic http data transfer from Dev Cloud to Thingspeak

I’m not really sure how I got it working, maybe just a reboot of my CPx2 or some lucky twist with an file, but I am now seeing data streams on my Etherios device cloud account for each xbee and sensor (dia/channel/0000000-00000000-…/xbee-409…/AD0 etc.) and nice charts and thats great.

What I want to do now though is repeatedly, say every 15 seconds, send the current data from these streams over to So ideally I would send a post request formed as such: key specific to one endpoint/ xbee)&field1=(AD0)&field2=(AD1) etc.
for each stream. So, how would I do that? I’ve been trying to accomplish this through the API Explorer with no luck so far.


I should add that I am a novice at best with python. I can follow instructions but that’s about my level.

Still looking for an answer on this. Can anyone help? I want to send data via from etherios cloud to another web site using the url template above. Can I do this in the cloud API explorer? if so, how?

If the question is unclear, please let me know so I can revise it.

Thanks again

I’m trying the same thing to no avail… will post if I figure it out.

This test is now working fine for me sending directly from an Arduino sript - through and Xbee Zigbee - to a Windows Gateway. Maybe post the code you are trying to use to see if anyone can see any issues.

if(Serial.available() > 0 ){
    String s = "    key=keyNumber&fieldNumber="
    + String(adjustedLightLevel);

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I am not using any arduino or other processor on the xbee sensor. It all has to happen on the other side. I ended up ditching thingspeak and using ubidots to query etherios cloud.

Hello michaelemond,

I have need of help.

I have a multi-sensor platform with Connectport X4. The gateway (Connectport X4) send the data acquired in cloud and i can see these on Digi cloud ( I would to query the cloud platform and obtain the raw data acquired from sensors, on a third platform Raspberry pi.

Ubidots, is a possible solution??

I’m also trying to send data from xbee sensors to thingspeak. Can someone show me how to do this?
I also use connect port x4 and several sensors.

What multi-sensor platform are you using?