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Hi, i use connectport x4 and xbee sensors. I wish to upload sensor data to thingspeak. I install the XIG in to connectport x4, and than… what i have to do, in order to upload the sensor data in to thingspeak? Can i use digi esp for python to create app and upload it to thingspeak?

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You will indeed need to develop a Python application to run on the ConnectPort X4 that will grab the information from your sensors and present it to your platform.
Alternatively, you could use Digi Remote Manager and then use the API from the cloud platform to pull/push to the other platform.

You can use Digi ESP to see examples of how we perform such task using our Digi Remote Manager platform.

Documentation for ESP and the X4 can be found on our website here:

Documentation for our Remote Manager platform can be found here:
Programmers guide here:

A free developer account can be created here:

For any further help, please review our support options on our website:


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When i work with digi samples (tank kit and prof. kit) i notes, that i can see and change the python code of the kits. So if i make some changes, would i be able to save those changes and "make’’ new app? Can you sent me the link for the Programmers guide again?


You can find the links for the programmers and user guides of Digi Remote Manager once logged in under the “Documentation” section.
Find direct links to the below:

Programmers Guide:

Users Guide:

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