ConnectPort x4 vs Xbee Gateway

Can anyone tell me what are the main differences between ConnectPort x4 and Xbee Gateway?
Can i upload custom app in xbee gateway?


Yes, both support you writing and uploading your own Python application. The X4 supports Python 2.4.3 where by the Industrial Gateway supports 2.7.

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Hi, how can I upload and run an application in the gateway? Should the application be in .EXE format or can it also be in python format (python + xml project)?
Can I upload data from the application in to cloud, like this example ( ?

Your Python Application would be in .py format.

Yes, your application can send data to the Digi Remote Manager or any other site you so choose. It is just a matter of how you write your Python application and where you open your socket to send the data with.

Please can you give me some examples?


There are examples in the Digi Python for ESP and at

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Did both can work only with Digi ESP for Python, or they can work with other software too ?