Connection and configuration troubles

Hello, I have purchased a pair of xbee S1, which go by the name of XB24-API-001, and unfortunately, I have lost the receipt. When using XCTU, one of the modems will be read quite nicely, however, the other will not read no matter what I do. I have tried the unbricking process many times without success. I believe the modem still works because on one occasion, it briefly stated that it read the modem but within a matter of seconds, it disconnected again. Also, the green light does come on the usb adapter when I plug in the troublesome xbee but the flashing red one does not. Why would one of the pair of xbees be working and not the other? I WILL NOT spend my money on a new one, that is for sure. How can I fix this problem?
Thankyou in advance.

How are you connecting the module to the PC? Where was it purchased?

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Via usb adapter and at a local computer store.

What do you mean by USB adapter? What is the part number of the device you connect the 3V XBee OEM module to?