Can't read xbee modem

I have an XBEE PRO s2 with an XBIB-R-DEV REV.4 board, all works perfect but today I was trying to write a new modem configuration on the xbee but now i can’t do anything! I can’t test , read and write! When I try to test the communication I see that the green led over the red, blinks two times then it stay on…can anyone help me? thanks!

Hello Sirdragon,

Please follow the steps found at the link below:

XBee Recovery Method

If that doesn’t work, please contact Digi Tech Support and they can provide you an RMA form for replacement / repair (provided your module is still within the warranty period of 1 year from date of purchase)

Also, if you have another module, I would suggest testing the XBIB-R interface board using the other module to make sure there is nothing wrong with the IB.

Good luck!

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It works! Thanks a lot!

You’re welcome. I have found that method to be good about 90% of the time. There is always that 10% that just won’t recover.