Connection of ESP32 and XBee

I have an issue regarding my connection with the ESP32 microcontroller. I configured my XBee module with my network parameters, the coordinator finds the device.

This is the connection I made and the code I used. From what i understood it’s enough to connect the XBee urat pins and the ESP32 UART pins in order for the module to re-transmit the message. What am I doing wrong and what are my options?

If I understand what it is you are trying to do, you need to disconnect the USB cable from the interface board and power the module from its VCC and GND pins.

It doesn’t work eitherway. The photo I made was after I tried to do something else. Even with the module unplugged from USB, it doesn’t want to resend the data from the microcontroler. Are the wires connected properly?

That is not something I can tell from your image. What do you mean by Re-transmit the data packet? If an RF packet is meant for it, it will send it out of its UART. If it is a broadcast packet, and Mesh or Repeater function is enabled, the packet will be sent out the UART and a copy of the packet will be re-transmitted over the RF port.

If the packet is not for it, and if Mesh or repeater function is enabled, it will re-transmit the packet and not output it on the UART.

If you are using API mode and you short the Data in and Data out lines, the radio will not respond to any of the packets as the Receive frame is different than a Transmit frame.