Connectport 32 LTS connects to ethernet, but no serial traffic.

Connectport 32 LTS MEI. Hello, we’re having an issue where our 32 port Connectport doesn’t seem to be sending ANY serial traffic. We can connect to the connectport browser gui through ethernet, and configure ports, but no traffic. This is verified by lack of LED blinks on the back of unit as well.

Anyone have something to try? Is our serial server hosed?

Thanks much.

Are you accessing reports via our RealPort driver?
If yes, and you have a loopback plug that we provided with the product? You could run this loopback test

If you are not using our RealPort driver you can run a loopback test from the CLI. Follow the Doc below, however, this Doc tells you to set the port to “RealPort” when you should be setting it to “Console Management”, for example:
#> set profile profile=console