ConnectPort for industrial automation - OPC Server

Dear all,

I am currently trying to join ConnectPort X2 to industrial automation. I have manufacture several XBee devices with temperature measurement that will be forwarding all their data, using Digimesh protocol, to the ConnectPort X2. The main issue is that I do not want to use any cloud based service, but instead integrate it as one more node in the automation network. It would be really interesting if I could made an OPC server that was responsible of logging and forwarding the data to the clients connected to it. Is it possible with this ConnectPort version? Should I change it?

As an alternative, I have been performing the alternative by using a simple TCP/IP socket for retrieving data and forwarding it to an application outside of the ConnectPort with a client socket. Is any way easier? I have read that the connectport supports a Serial forwarding, but I have not found detail documentation about this…

Many thanks

You should be able to use the Industrial Automation option to set up a modbus TCP to Serial option to do that. That is if your server can talk Modbus.