ConnectPort X2 act a a client?

We have been using the XTEND-PKG RF MODEM for several years now. Time to change to the ConnectPort X2 (XBEE-PRO XSC) to lower cost but minimize software changes.

The ConnectPort is set for serial access to the radio, with “TCP Sockets” or “Custom”. Connection to the radio works with no issues.

The problem is there appears to be no way for the ConnectPort to act as a client. The old XTEND-PKG has a Lantronix Ethernet module that allow the unit to act as a server or to act as a client and connect to a server when an alarm condition occurred.
In our case, normal operation was on one port (10000) but when an alarm condition occurred the unit would connect to the server on another port (44411) that handled alarm conditions.
Is there any way this behavior can be replicated with a ConnectPort? Any suggestions?

Sounds like something which might be accomplished with a Python application running on the X2 gateway.

Otherwise, alarm condition notifications are possible using Digi’s device cloud and can be triggered on connectivity or data changes. More details on this can be found here:|Alarms|_____0

Are you talking about the X2D or X2E?

The X2E (the small white plastic one) will allow you to enable or disable CE/Coordinator mode. Disabling coordinator make the X2e just-a-router, so it will join another X2e running as coordinator.

In the X2D (the black metal case), nothing stops you from reflashing the Xbee to be a router - or atleast that worked fine years ago when I did this from time to time for test.

The X2 FW really doesn’t care about being coordinator or not - that is an internal XBee thing. As far as the X2 FW is concerned, the Xbee works much the same when either a plain router or a coordinator.

This is an ConnectPort X2D
Assume there is no client connected to the ConnectPort.
A message comes in the XBee radio and the serial port outputs that string to the ConnectPort interface. What I want is the ConnectPort to establish a link to a specified server and deliver the message.

It really surprises me that this capability is not already built into the ConnectPort. Surely this is not an uncommon request.