Using a ConnectPort in a coordinator role instead of another XBee

Hello everyone!

I would like to know is someone can explained me what are the main reasons for using a ConnectPort in the coordinator role instead of another XBee.

I need some clear information about that because I have to justify that for a university task


An XBee itself has very limited resources in the way of memory and processing power, and typically requires an external PIC or some other processor to interface with that can perform the processing and higher level functions.

The ConnectPort Gateways offer an API interface and
platform for the XBee that has a built-in python interpreter, and also includes higher level functions that allow management of both Gateway and XBee from the Digi Remote Manager cloud server, updating of firmware, collection of data points, alarm/email notification, and an operating system through which to interface and control your XBee.

And just so you know, a ConnectPort Gateway’s XBee can be configured as a Router also, not just a Coordinator. This allows another device (Smart Meter?) to be the Coordinator, and the XBee within the ConnectPort Gateway is used as a Router, yet still offers the same higher level capabilities of the Gateway as when the Gateway’s XBee is in Coordinator mode.

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