What's the different between Xbee3 Coordinator and CC2652RB Stick ?

is there a difference between a Coordinator and a Gateway ?
i’m building a home automation network , so i don’t know if a need a Zigbee Stick or can use an Xbee3 Coordinator for this role ?

Thank you

The coordinator is who establishes the network and assigns out network addresses.

A Gateway is a device that provides access from one network topology such as Radio to TCP/IP and Ethernet. A Gateway can have a Coordinator inside of it.

The XBee 3 modules can perform the Coordinator roll without an issue. That is one of the functions it is designed to perform.

so does Digi XBee 3 USB considered as a gateway ? or as coordinator ? or both ?

and if the answer is not both , is there a guide how to connect the coordinator to the gateway ?

thank you

No I would not consider it as a Gateway. But it can be configured as a Coordinator.

Any of the Digi XBee 3 Zigbee modules or boxed products can be configured as a Coordinator, Router or Sleeping End device. It is nothing more than setting an AT command to set the roll the module will use.