ConnectPort X2 Gateway without iDigi plateform?


I’m interesting in using ConnectPort X2 SE Gateway for a project, but I have a question about iDigi Plateform:
Is it possible to use ConnectPort X2 SE Gateway without connection to the iDigi plateform?

Thanks for your response

Yes, it is possible to use the CP-X2 SE without iDigi, but you would need something iDigi-like in its place. In the case of the X2 SE, iDigi allows you to send/receive RPC requests (via iDigi-SE appspot) to demonstrate the Smart Energy functionality of the device.

On page 7 of the user manual, the requirements of what an iDigi-like service would need to provide:

The user is also expected to have a means of sending RPC requests and receiving RPC responses from the gateway to access the Smart Energy Framework’s API. In an actual installation this functionality would be provided by the utility application. In order to evaluate the gateway and for use during development a web application is provided to communicate with the gateway. When a procedure in this manual calls for sending an RPC request to your gateway this sample can be used.

Hello. iDigi provides an extremely easy way to control, monitor and manage the SE gateway, however, it’s not absolutely necessary to communicate with the gateway or SE network.

You could also write your own application that would send XML-RPC commands to the gateway to do things such as set link keys, change Join Time parameters, sending DRLC requests, etc.

All of this is documented very well in the manual that was pointed out on page 55 in the PDF and in AppendixA on page 61:

You’ll notice we provide a very powerful XML-RPC interface. For that reason, it’s advisable to take advantage of iDigi, where we forumate these requests for you.

I hope that helps!

For your information, we (France Telecom Orange) use the ConnectPort X4 for the deployment of our environmental supervision solution (based on Coronis/Wavenis devices).

We developed embedded Python code over the iDigi DIA framework and this Python code does not use the iDigi platform: it is connected directly to our own M2M platform using our proprietary protocol.

As far as I know, the CPX2 and the CPX4 both support the same Python/DIA framework.

R. Bernhard

Could I get a little more detail on how to use the XML-RPC commands ? Could I send the XML to the X2 gateway using a Telnet session ? I would connect to the IP address of the gateway ?, what port ?


I’ve managed to send HTTP requests of type text/xml to http://CP_ip_addr/UE/rci

I’m having trouble formatting the requests properly because the documentation isn’t very helpful and doesn’t provide detailed enough examples. I’m hoping to get a solution to that problem on another thread. Good luck!