Can I use my iDiigi X4 Starter Kit for SE development?

I have an iDiigi X4 Starter Kit bought not long ago. I am wondering if I can upgrade it for SE development and how. The kit contains

  • ConnectPort X4 Gateway
  • USB Interface Board with a XBee Series 2 module
  • XBee Sensor
  • XBee Wall Router

If I want to try something for Smart Energy, can I work with this kit by upgrade its firmware? What are the steps?

The online documents about Smart Energy make me a bit confusing since they don’t quite mention Series 2 module.


The answer is yes, but since we’re working with you through the Support case you created the more indepth answers will be there.

For others interested in developing with Smart Energy, this page has a number of answers to the common questions:

I also wanted to work on “Smart energy” enabled devices (and I have purchased an X4 starter kit.) - So any information about how to use it for SE devleopment would be highly appreciated.

But also - I don’t really understand what is the “inside” of the X4, e.g. what possibilities are there to do other things than just executing the DIA and Python. What CPU is the X4 actually using and what possibilities are there to get rid of the Python environment to do something else?


i have the same question but with the Home Automation profil?

We currently do not support the Home Automation (HA) profile, and I’m not sure if/when we will.

The “specs” page for the various CP-X gateways can be found here:

And here is the support page for the CP-X4 Ethernet which has the firmware etc:

The processor actually in the CP-X4 is our NS9360 ARM processor. As far as the python environment, its built-in so there’s no way to get rid of it.

If you are interested in doing Smart Energy development, I believe you’ll rather want to go with the Smart Energy development kit, which is also my recommendation: