how to develop application using smart energy profile


I was able to establish network using SEP firmware. I’ve been using xBee s2 devices.

I was wondering if there is any library which I can use to program the modules for specific purpose interfacing to computer.

The use case which I am looking for is something like this

But this supports only ZigBee profile and has no support for SEP.

I am looking for library in any language.

Any response to this would be highly appreciated…!


Hi Krishna,

Loading Smart Energy (SE) firmware on one of our ZigBee (ZB) modules will give you the uncertified RF stack needed to work with Smart Energy applications. I say “uncertified”, because in order to be a certified ZigBee Smart Energy product, certain testing must be done to ensure SEP compliance.

The Smart Energy application itself however is at the application level, which is higher up than the protocol-focused RF stack. In the case our our Smart Energy Gateways, we’ve created our own proprietary python application called the Smart Energy Framework, which serves as the “glue” between the hardware at the Smart Energy network level and the Device Cloud where that data is pushed, then available for consumption by customer applications etc.

In order to replicate what our ConnectPort X2e for Smart Energy is doing, you’d also need to create an application from which could take the various data within the ZCL, and format it in such a way that your application can display or use it.

Another possibility might be that you buy one of our Gateways (perhaps one as part of the Smart Energy Developer’s Kit?), then use the Smart Energy Framework already on the Gateway to accomplish whatever task you wanted to develop an app around. Your app could then focus on polling the Device Cloud database with RESTful queries, to display whatever data you wanted (or setup a PUSH monitor to have it pushed to you).

Thank you for the detailed response.

If I buy “ConnectPort X2e”, is there a way I can avoid cloud service and use it only to leverage python application scripting to interface with our custom application ?

Or in other words, Can I access ZCL etc using ConnectPort X2e and not use other eco system ? ( In other words is there a way to access the info apart from using cloud ?)

Thanks in advance.! Appreciate it.

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