ConnectPort X4 reading and writing raw frames

We have software for sending data over Xbee, written in Python 3.4. It can package the data into raw frames and read and interpret raw API frames. We are currently using Xbee 900Mhz and are exploring moving to ZigBee and purchased a ConnectPort X4. We’d like to use our existing software and would like access to the raw data off the ZigBee radio in the X4. With the ConnectPort X2 it was possible to put it into legacy mode and access the serial port directly, this is exactly what we want to do with the X4 but doesn’t seem possible. Can this be done in the X4, or is there a way to send and receive the raw frames in python?

First off, you need to down grade your version of Python used to 2.4. Next, there is a way to access the RAW API frames but I do not recommend it. It is far better to utilize the X4’s firmware and allow it to handle that function and just declare the socket.