Connectport X4H AIN1, AIN2 Data to Device Cloud data stream

I have a Connectport X4H. I have wired the AIN1 and AIN2 to potentiometers. By running the sample Python program, I can see that the readings vary when I vary the pot position.

My Device Cloud account recognizes and connects to the X4H.

I want to get readings from the potentiometers connected to the X4H up to the Device Cloud. How do I do that? Does it require a specific Python program? Is there a sample program out there? Is there a white paper, or a blog post, or a FAQ, or a KB article, or anything, etc… that would tell me how to do this?

I am struggling on exactly how to get the data from the X4H to the Device Cloud. Any advice that you can give me would be appreciated.

I want to ask the same thing, I read that the device cloud connector software can do this job but do we need to download/install it on the X4 or what? How come nobody knows the answer?

I have NOT successfully upload my XBee sensor (Light, Temperature) reading onto the Device Cloud successfully yet but I have done some readings and will try these methods as the below:
(I hope it will work for you too)

Example of “Controlling a Lamp from the Internet with Device Cloud” will give you idea on how to upload data to device cloud.

It seems that “Install the XBee Internet Gateway” and “Setup Device Cloud” are the steps we needed to upload the sensor data.

For the setup of Gateway:

For the Gateway source code and wiki:

The wiki has detailed instruction on how to install XIG and explains what are the differences between XIG and DIA:

The XBee Internet Gateway makes it easy to connect XBee radios to the Internet. The XIG runs on runs on Windows, Macintosh and Linux computers as well as the Digi ConnectPort X series of dedicated gateways. It allows XBee radios to upload data, receive remote text and commands, access Internet resources such as web pages, databases, social networks, and use the Device Cloud by Etherios.

I will try it on my X4 and upload the temperature data reading soon.