Controlling page views in AWS

I am setting up several AWS pages for configuration options. Page A has a form for updating TCP/IP settings; Page B has application specific settings. Both jump to Page C which will review all of the available fields and the submit button will trigger a write to NVRAM and then jump to Page D where submit will trigger a reboot. Is there any way to set this up so that if someone saves the URL’s and jumps directly into Page C or D, the browser will be redirected to Page A? I would actually like to keep a state variable that controls access to C and D, blocking them until actual changes are made through the forms.

There support for maintaining state in the server is scant, but you should be able to use the ‘initPageXX’ functions created by PBuilder to keep some statisitics. For example, you can identify the user and, if you keep some counters and related info around, you an tell if the user is arriving at the page for the first time: theTaskDataPtr = RpHSGetServerData(); theResult = RpGetCurrentUserName(theTaskDataPtr); Then you message the user even if you could not redirect.