AWS Form submit problem


I am having a problem with forms in web pages. I have a web page “/network_config.htm” with a form in it.

Using the Intenet Explorer, whenever I hit the submit button the browser asks for the page “/Forms/network_config_1” but says that the page cannot be shown.

I read in the AWS documentation that that is the default url when no Action keyword is specified in the FORM tag. Also in the “network_config.c” file I can find the object description:
rpObjectDescription Pgnetwork_settings_Form_1 = {
(Unsigned32) 0,

So I don’t understand where the problem is. I know I am missing something but I don’t know what it is.

If I use Mozilla Firefox it tries to access the page where the form is located but using https protocol instead of http, and I get a similar error message.

I am using NET+OS 7.3 with latest patches. Any suggestion is welcome.


I think there must be a problem with the NET+OS v7.3 patches. I created a new HTTP AWS Server Sample NET+OS Sample Project. I open the web page on a browser and if I hit the Select button in the first page form or any submit button in any of the pages, I get a page cannot be shown error on the browser.

Does anybody have the same problem as I do? Or is there anyone, with NET+OS7.3 and the latest patches, who doesn’t experience this problems.

If this is finally a bug of the NET+OS patches, could someone from Digi please confirm it and publish the solution as soon as it is solved?

Thank you,


I created a simple web page (html file) with a form on it. The form has a couple of fields and a submit button. When I hit submit button, it submits the form and then redisplays the form.

Maybe you should post a copy of your .html code and maybe someone will look at it and make a sugestion. You’ll probably want to create a very simple (html)file that shows the issue. The simpler the file, the more likely people are to look at it.