Coordinator/Router sleeping when a powerbank is connected??


I am using S2C modules. I want to give the power of the modules by connecting power bank to the usb explorer board or demo boards. Although the modules are coordinator or router, the modules are going to no power mode after some seconds. It is not the sleep mode, module is not responding when pressing the associate or reset button. What is the problem here? How does xbee module understand that it is connected to a battery and shut down yourself even if it is in a no-sleep mode?

i think the power is not sufficient for the module. try to use another source to power up the modules and check with x-ctu after you power up the module.

I am using MI 10400 mAh power bank and I think it is sufficient to run xbee module.

have you checked with any other power source other than power bank. if not try once otherwise connect to pc check whether the module is working or not