Cordinator-Router-End Devices

Hello, I’m trying to create a network using S2 XBee xb-24B modem

I need to create a network consists of a PC, a coordinator AT with XBEE Explorer connected to the PC, a router AT and 2 end devices AT

I need to know how to configure each module to achieve transmit data from the Coordinator to the router, and make a broadcast to the end devices. And then, the End Device send relevant information to the router and then to the coordinator.
To clarify, I need the router as an intermediary by problems of distance. What I want is to broadcast a message with the data from the PC to all End Devices.

Obviously the PAN ID parameter must be the same for all nodes. But I have no clear the addressing (DH and DL) that must have the router and the coordinator.

First be aware that a ‘broadcast’ in ZigBee (S2/S2B) takes about 5 second to complete & you have no promise that nodes don’t see duplicate messages.

Setting DH/DL in the coordinator to 0x0000 and 0xFFFF respectively will cause all data from the PC to ‘broadcast’ by the coordinator, repeated 5 times. All router hearing this will:

  1. queue up a copy of the broadcast for all connected end-devices (children).
  2. the broadcast will also be repeated 5 times just in case there are other routers ‘out there’ - this is why the broadcast takes up to 5 second to complete.

The router DH/DL can be 0/0.

Meanwhile your end-devices (if awake) will ‘beacon/poll’ their parent every 100msec, which means they’d see the broadcast NOT due to the broadcast, but because the parent/router has stored a copy for them.

If the end-devcies just reply to Dh/Dl = 0/0, the coordinator will see it without requiring broadcast.

If your end-devices sleep, then you’ll need to make sure the coordinator/router SN/SP are large enough, since the parent/router will ONLY hold the broadcast data for a limited time based on the Sn/SP.