Correct Memory params for Config.bib? U-Boot "go" fails

Hopefully this is the last question before successful startup of Debug image (Thanks to Bob’s help, Debug image now downloads via TFTP).

By looking at EC7’s config.bib, appears that available RAM starts at 0x8020000 for the CCi.MX51 platform. But for some unknown reason, MakeImage logs a start/load address of 0x9020000 within Build.log. I specify that load address to U-Boot and the TFTP download process completes but when I then start execution at 0x9020000 with U-Boot (go 90200000) the platform hangs.

Also when I try to inspect RAM with md.b 80200000 command, the platform also hangs. Am I confused about RAM/Flash boundaries???

[b]Does anyone spot something incorrect below? [/b]

(from CE.bib):
NK 80200000 02000000 RAMIMAGE
RAM 82200000 06C00000 RAM
ROMSIZE=0x20000 ; $(NK_SIZE)

(from Build.log):
Table of contents 83b90768 00002b2c ( 11052)
Writing ROM signature and TOC pointer at 80200040
Kernel data copy section 80dccfc8 00000030 ( 48)
ROM Header 83b90714 00000054 ( 84)
First DLL Address: 4001ee42
Last DLL Address: 4270f000
Physical Start Address: 80200000
Physical End Address: 83b93294
Start RAM: 83ba0000
Start of free RAM: 83c09000
End of RAM: 88e00000
Number of Modules: 285
Number of Copy Sections: 3
Copy Section Offset: 80dccfc8
FileSys 4K Chunks/Mbyte: 32 <2Mbyte 32 2-4Mbyte 0 4-6Mbyte 0 >6Mbyte
CPU Type: 01c2h
Miscellaneous Flags: 0002h
Extensions Pointer: 80201340
Total ROM size: 03993294 ( 60371604)
Starting ip: 80201000
Raw files size: 0041096a
Compressed files size: 002fb27d
Compacting bin file…
Writing rom file…
Start 80200000 Len 00000004
Start 80200040 Len 00000008
Start 80200048 Len 00000004
Start 80201000 Len 0004ba90
Start 8024ca90 Len 00001600
Start 80250000 Len 0003dfe0
Start 8028f000 Len 000aeac0
Start 8033dac0 Len 00027540

What OS are you running? Why not just use dboot and update commands?

Running Win 7 x64 Professional and attempting to download EC7 (Embedded Compact 7) OS.

Dboot w TFTP Server worked. Thanks