Need help: Memory boundaries for Debug build?

Sincerely appreciate knowing what the address boundaries for RAM and Flash are for CC i.MX51 platform (particularly RAM)?

I thought that 0x8020000 would be start of available RAM - However when I try to display memory with U-boot’s “md.b 80200000 20”, the platform locks up.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, the virtual address of RAM and Flash is depending on the Chipselect settings.

If you do a:

printenv $(loadaddr)

you will see into which RAM location a kernel is loaded


DRAM bank = 0x0
-> start = 0x90000000
-> size = 0x20000000

md 90000000

90000000: 36642b64 …
90000010: …

Thanks for responding!! very helpful.

(Interesting response to the printenv command)

CCWMX51 # bdinfo
arch_number = 0x000009D7
env_t = 0x00000000
boot_params = 0x90000100
DRAM bank = 0x00000000
-> start = 0x90000000
-> size = 0x20000000
ethaddr = 00:04:F3:03:6F:EA
ip_addr =
baudrate = 38400 bps

CCWMX51 # printenv $(loadaddr)
## Error: “0x94000000” not defined