Could a Digi Connect Me 4M become a open vpn client

Hello all,

we would like to be able to access the SSH server of our multiple Digi Connect Me 4M (located behind DSL routers) without any need configure the DSL routers NAT. Being able to connect to the SSH server of our Digi devices would enble us, for example, to access the router port 80 from the LAN (using a proxy SSH tunnel).

A solution would be for us to embed a VPN client in our Digi Connect ME 4M devices, as OpenVpn or similar, then, the Digi device could be always connected to a third party VPN server and then we could log in SSH to the Digi device (seen on the VPN) and then be able to do what we need to do.

Perhaps some of you have a solution :

  • is OpenVpn installable on Digi Connect Me 4M devices?
  • is there any alternative solution using a third party server ?
  • ???

Thanks a lot,


I don’t know of a full solution for this, but I think you can do it if you port OpenVpn into NET+OS on a -C module. I have no idea how large the OpenVpn code base is so it may not fit in a 4M module.