Digi Transport Main Mode VPN to Meraki MX Series firewall

I have a Digi TransPort WR44 that the company I work for will be purchasing about an additional dozen of, but I have to get the hardware to connect on a VPN Tunnel…

Hardware that I need to get connected to will be a Meraki MX100. The Meraki only supports Main Mode VPN and I have configured the settings that I believed were correct, but I cannot get the Firewall and the TransPort to connect… It dies before it initiates phase 2.

Has anyone configured a Digi Transport for a VPN connection to a Meraki MX series firewall? If so I would appreciate the help very much.

Do both sides have public IP addresses?
That is a requirement for IKE v1 and main mode.

There is so little information here that it is hard to point you in the right direction.

Assuming you are using cellular on the WR44, who is the carrier?
Who is the initiator?
Who is the responder?
What ID type are you using?
What encryption/Authentication/MODP groups are you using?
What is the error in the debug on the responder (the initiator log is pretty useless)?