Could not initialize device


In XCTU I can not connect to a discovered device, I get this error message:

How I can solve this?

Attached is the configuration if you can see what is wrong.

Coordinator configuration:

endDevice configuration:

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UPDATE: As you can see in this image, the device is discovered, but can not be initialized.

I tried to associate a LED as explained in the manual (pag. 21)

And the state of the LED is On, blinking.

Which means that the device is powered and operating properly.

If device is powered and operating properly, Why XCTU says that is not initialized?

I put DL to 0 in the remote device (but not work). I read in a manual that DL value for the coordinator is FFFF and router / endDevice 0

Is so?

By configuring CE=1 (coordinator) in one module and CE=2 (end device) in the other, you are using indirect messaging and polling that is thought to be used with sleeping devices. Basically, this means:

[li] The coordinator will not send immediately the messages to the end device, it will buffer them till a poll request from the end device arrives. If no poll request is received the message will be discarded after 2.5*SP ms.[/li][li] The end device will send a poll request to the messaging coordinator every 100ms when it is awake. This messaging coordinator is established by configuring the end device DH/DL with the SH/SL of the coordinator.[/li][/ul]

More info in the Indirect messaging and polling topic of the XBee-PRO 868 reference manual (

So, if you are not going to use sleep devices, it is better to leave CE by default (CE=0) in all of them. Otherwise, you need to configure the DH/DL of your end devices with the SH/SL of the coordinator.

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That product has a 10% transmit duty cycle that you must adhere to. IF you have reached the duty cycle limit, you will get that kind of message from XCTU. Your only option is to either wait for the duty cycle to clear or read the other radio via its UART.

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I’m having a lot of problems when I try to communicate coordinator with remotes dedives.

Now I’m trying with indirect messages.

Now CE = 1 and the nodes CE = 2

Each endDevice has SH/SL of the Coordinator in DH/DL

AP = 2 for alls.

SM = Asynch. Cyclic Sleep [4]

This is the Coordinator Profile for the local device.

This is the End Device Profile for the remotes devices.

Now I have 4 End Devices but the coordinator only read one. Other times 2, other none.

If Coordinator discovery a endDevice and I double click on node I get "Device is not initialized. This may occur if device was sleeping while it was discovered, Do you want to attempt to initialize data now?

What settings can I use for fast and reliable communication with all nodes?

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UPDATE: I used XCTU for Linux. Version 6.2.0