Create custom web page for communicate to my device


Can we create custom web page for communicate to my device using idigi cloud and under which All idigi process is run in back-end of that page ?

  1. If yes, then where I can host it ? because our client wants access this page outside of his local network (i.e out side of home) .
  2. If no, then how to provide this type of service to client using idigi cloud?

Hello Harry,

Yes, you can create web pages or web applications able to communicate with your device using Device Cloud by Etherios. You can achieve this by using the Google App Engine with Device Cloud Web Services for example.

Google App Engine is a free web application hosting that allows you to create web pages using html and python or java.

Give it a try, it is easy and the results are fantastic.

You have a lot of options here! It depends on where you want to host this page, including server and cliend side scripts and languages. As far as hosting, you can either host on google (as already suggested) or another web hosting serviceā€¦ all depdning on whether or not they support the language you intend to use for your script (ASP.NET, java, HTML, etc._)