How to create example of idigi connector on my local PC


Please explain me How to create example of idigi connector on my local PC. I have already try to create example but it is not working for me.

As well as also give explanation of how to add device in idigi device manager in developer mode.

I have read user guide of idigi but i did not understand this process.

Please help me it is important for me



If you’re running Linux, the iDigi Connector for Embedded should include a makefile that would work for you.

After logging into iDigi, check out the documentation section for the latest iDigi Connector User Guide. If you select the Send Data sample it includes a section on building the sample which tells you where the makefile for Linux is located. You might get some compile errors at first due to some error directives (#error) that exist around a few constants you need to change the value for.

Also, you might want to read through the Getting Started section of the iDigi Connect User Guide. Step 8 includes some instructions on adding your device. The included screenshots are slightly out of date but other than tab layout they are accurate.

Thanks for your reply

I have read iDigi connector user guide and i have make simple example using ajax and html but it does not work. I have attached pdf file of my code plz check it.

I have created account in to iDigi for 5 devices.
I have used third party device and I want to connect this device to iDigi, so please tell me how to connect this ? any configuration require for network?



The iDigi Device Cloud has two sides – the web service clients and the devices that connect into it. The ajax/html example you included would be used to talk to the web services provided by the iDigi Device Cloud.

For the device side, you need something to connect in so it shows up in your account as connected. The iDigi Connector for Embedded is used for this, but it will require you to have access to the firmware of the device you want to implement it on. (It is C code you port so the device gets connected).

You mention you have a 3rd party device that you want to connect in. Does this device already support connecting to iDigi? Do you have the ability to change its firmware? If not, can you customize the device any other way like uploading a script to the device?

How you connect the device depends on those answers.


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3rd party device means develop by us not idigi device.Yes we can update firmware of device but we don’t want to change the c code.If possible we want to implement by using PHP script.

So now guide me, how to connect device with idigi cloud using PHP script

Can anyone tell me, it is possible to connect device with idigi cloud using PHP script ?

From where I can download idigi connector example of C code?

Please tell me asap

Currently to connect you need to support opening a TCP socket and implementing a custom protocol, which probably isn’t feasible from php. About the best you could do now is make web service calls to upload data or send commands as a user, but not actually act like a device.

The next release should include a mechanism to push data up through HTTP as a device, and this would work from php, but it will not be available for another month or so.

You can download the C code necessary to get connected in by logging into iDigi and going to the Downloads page by clicking the link in the upper right corner, and then downloading the iDigi Connector for Embedded (formerly iDigi Integration Kit).


Thanks for your reply

I have downloaded C code as per your suggestion and successfully connected to idigi device cloud.

I have problem in connected devices,In device status tab display connected, When open device properties it is display below message.

[b]An error occurred trying to process your request.

Code	500
Error	Device does not support configuration through RCI
Requested URI[/b]

How to send/receive message to my device using idigi cloud?

It is possible to access my device in outside of my local network?


Yes! You absolutely can send messages from the iDigi Device Cloud to your device.

First, the reason you are getting the 500 Error when double clicking your device is device configuration is not supported yet with the iDigi Connector. In just a few weeks Digi will be release a version of the iDigi Connector that will support being able to see Device Configurations remotely.

Back to your question: in order to send data please log into iDigi, navigate to the “Web Services Console.” Click on “SCI Targets” and add the device ID of your remote device. Then click on Examples->SCI->Data Services->Send Request

If you are running the “device_request” example from the iDigi Connector it will show you how to send data to your device. There is also a Python script in the same directory demonstrating how to perform this operation using remote web services.

Thanks for your reply

I have send message to my device as per your explanation and its successfully run from idigi web service console but my device give this error msg_process_error: unable to find session id = 0

Can we send any message(custom message) to my device from idigi web service console?

Can you tell me which type of device configuration currently supported by idigi connector?


Please tell about my above question?This is really need for me.