Is there a sample application for connecting the ME-9210 to the digi-cloud?

Is there a sample application for connecting the ME-9210 (embedded Linux) to the digi-cloud?

It was easy for me to build and execute the sample application “hello world” for the embedded-linux-device “connect-ME9210” and I’m now looking for a sample application which connects my device to the digi-cloud.

Could anyone provide me with such a sample application?


In Digi Embedded Linux DEL-5.7.2 there are some “iDigi” examples, which do connect the device to the cloud. From the cloud device manager it allows you to change e.g. IP settings, or to browse the file system.

The examples are:

just use the DEL Eclipse Help > search for them.
Or Open the Help contents Digi ESP for Embedded Linux
section 13 iDigi platform

Even firmware update through the cloud should be possible.
The storage example does not work any more due to API changes. Digi would need to update the storage example to new API, or you cross compile the ANSI C embedded cloud connector, which is available on request from Digi Technical Support.