the usage of iDigi Cloud Web Services

I am still confused with the concept of web services in the webpage of Idigi Divice Cloud .There are some menus for terminal users such as SCI Targets Examples Export Send Clear , but what it can to do and how to use it ?

Though I have got more details about Web Services, I have no idea why putting this Web Services in the iDigi Device Cloud with its limited usage only for digi devices (device-oriented),and also the Examples(like the functions) in the Web Services webpage can be found in the iDigi Manager Pro.Now who can tell me in which case and what advantage of it when we using Web services ?

Web services allow you to write applications (in a programming language or system of your choice) and make requests to the iDigi Device Cloud to interact with your device or retrieve information.

The UI is useful to manage your devices, but there are lots of situations where you want to put intelligence in your application or interact with the iDigi Device Cloud to make other types of requests.

For example, you could write a program that monitors the time of day, and then send down a request to your device (using web services) to turn a light on or off. Additionally, devices can push data up to the iDigi Device Cloud. You can use web services (or other interfaces offered by iDigi) to retrieve this information.

The Web Services Console is an example of the type of requests you can make using web services in a client application.


Thanks for your professional reply !

iDigi Manager Pro (iDMP) has more the hardware/device management in mind, whereas iDigi Web Services Console is how you poll the database to get info from/about the hardware/devices. Make sense?

Yes, thank you for Admin’s help. Actually , I don’t know how to use this data after polling the database about the hardware/devices . For example ,Delete a device,Reboot devices(These functions also can be found in iDigi Manager Pro ) . Could Web Services be considered as a application which must be called from other application ?

You will find that MOST of the functionality within iDigi manager PRO can be mirrored in your own application by use of web services.

Consider a user with 25,000 devices - which is an ideal use-case for iDigi. Suppose some procedure wants you to reboot all 25,000 devices:
A) do you want to do this manually 1 by 1 under the iDigi web page
B) or would it make more sense to use web services to do this.

Yes, the iDigi manager Pro has batch capabilities, but I am just trying to point out that MOST things can be done either way. Large users tend to like to absorb such functions into their own application.

well, thank you for lynnl’ help !