Web Service API for "Add/Remove Devices" to your iDigi account?

I have been using the iDigi Manager PRO web UI to add/remove devices from my account. Is there a web api interface to do this programmatically? Any help would be appreciated.


Yep, you can find the iDigi Web Services Programming Guide after logging into by clicking Help & Downloads > Documentation in the upper right hand corner. You can check out section 8.1 for info on provisioning a device.

In short, you do an HTTP POST to /ws/DeviceCore, with an XML payload like:


or if you prefer specifying a mac address,


Additionally, you can check out the web services console tab. The first category of examples includes DeviceCore, with one example relating to provisioning.


If I remove and re-add a device. I see that it loses all the attributes such as unit / multiplier / divisor etc from the Smart Energy profile.
I can’t get these back unless I go to iDigi pro and click on “Read Attribute” button for each value individually.
Can someone explain what is going on? Does the server have to read these values back from the device? Why doesn’t it happen when I “Add device” ?
Is there an API to do the equivalent of “Read Attribute” for all of these attributes after “Add a device” ?