iDigi devices list

Is there any way for me to examine the list of devices registered on iDigi which are under my username and password using the Web Services interface?



You can use the /ws/sci interface to retrieve a device list.

If you do an HTTP POST to with your credentials, and use the contents of request.txt as the body of the post, you’ll get back a response like the one in response.txt

This web service request is asking the server for device statistics information for each device that you have registered. You can parse the response to find out about the devices.


In light of a suggestion Ben made in another thread, I wanted to update this post to include an alternative method…

Doing a GET of your home collection will return back a list of collections. A collection will be made for each device that has been added, so you can parse this list to check for devices. It is possible for there to be other top level collections other than those that represent a device ID, so you would need to be careful in parsing this.


(Added method suggested by Ben in another thread)
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To get the list of all the devices which are registered to your account you can make use of DeviceCore SCI request.
GET - /ws/DeviceCore