Device remove command


I clearly have something wrong, but can’t seem to see it.
When I post this:


(with the real mac and device id of course)… I get this:

      Unknown command

Anyone see what I’ve got wrong?

Are you trying to remove the device using the debug console? Try using the extended address of the RF module in the gateway instead of the ethernet MAC address.

I’m not sure what you mean. I need to address the particular gateway (of the several that are in my idigi account), correct? So how could I omit that ethernet mac?

And within that request the remove device according to documentation should be the device I want off the network (i.e. not the gateway’s Xbee module mac)

You did specify what you where using and are under the SE forum which most customers use the debug console to remove the device from a smart energy network which uses the extended address. I assume that you are using the web service console in iDigi correct? What happens if you try to remove the gateway using management devic, highlighting the gateway and clicking in the red X to remove the gateway?

I am driving to remove a Smart Energy device that is joined to my ESP / Gateway. I am writing my own code that generates the above XML and posts it to

I think we’re misunderstanding each other - how would removing the gateway from my idigi account be germane to telling said gateway to send a ZDO leave to a device on its zigbee network (which is what the “remove_device” command does

I know the command itself is ok since it works from There must be an error in the surrounding XML


I was missing the tag, so working XML is thus: