Creating Zigbee Network Program

Hi I have Zigbee Znet2.5 series development kit and they can be converted to ZB. I have played with them a bit and understand a bit. I am wondering if it is possible for me to create my own program for Zigbee network like I can see all the PCs in the netwok in my PC. Will it be possible? If so, pls advise me how to and links.I am thinking of making one for ARM-based processor and PC.

I’m not sure what language you were planning on writing your program in, but we do have something that sounds very similar on our python mediawiki:

Dear admin. Thanks

I would like to use C++ Programming like Borland C++ Builder. Bu why Phython? Does it run in only web browsers? I am very new to Python. Would it be wise to use C++ since python has already been used to build Zigbee network program?

And I noticed that the code in Pyrthon needs ConnectPort X gateway.
Can the zigbee netowrk program be set up with ZB coordinator alone, PC or ARM Processor?
Pls advise


You’re welcome.

The reason we have python examples is because this is the built-in language of our ConnectPort X gateways, i.e. it runs python 2.4.3 natively. The python code doesn’t need the CP-X gateway however, it can be run straight off a PC as well. You could certainly do similar things with C++, or any other language you’re familiar with.