Current consumption at XBee power up


I am using the end-node XBee in its standard protocol (I have no possibility to change it through XCTU). Details of configuration are in the following (AT mode):

  • Module type: XBP08-DP
  • Family: XBee-PRO868
  • Protocol: point to multipoint
  • Firmware: 1061
  • Configuration: End Node in cyclic sleep

Only the coordinator is set in API mode.

The problem is due to an unwanted current consumption in correspondence of the power up, as you can see in the image at the following link:

(the button ‘scarica’ is needed to download the image).

How can I take control of this behaviour? Another question is: ND and DN command are not present in the XCTU window: have I change the firmware version?

Many thanks for your answer!

This is a duplicate question from the same customer. Please see the other respond or chain.