Unwanted current consumption at XBee power up

Hello to everyone,

I attach at the following link an oscilloscope screenshot reporting the unwanted power consumption of XBee-Pro868 at each power up (power transmission 1 mW):


The XBee module is configured as follows:

  • Module type: XBP08-DP
  • Family: XBee-PRO868
  • Protocol: point to multipoint
  • Firmware: 1061
  • Configuration: End Node in cyclic sleep

How can I take control of this unwanted behaviour? By using XCTU, lots of AT command reported in the manual are not implemented (e.g. JN, ND, DN,…) so I don’t know how to set properly my module.

Many thanks in advance for you reply.

What is CE set to? Is it set to 0, 1, or 2?


for this end-device, the CE command is set to 2 (polling device)

What are all of your sleep settings set to?

Sleep command settings are:

SM=Asynch. Cyclic Sleep [4]
SP=BB8 (30s)
ST= 3E( (1s)

Are you getting anything out the UART of the sleeping node when this occurs?

Does the issue occur if you disconnect the sleeping end devices COM port from the other device?

The issue occurs using the sleeping node without any device connected at COM port (in the future I’ll connect a temperature probe). The problem is that XCTU doesn’t give me any possibility do disable the operation that causes this current consumption…

This sounds a great deal like you have a power issue where you are staving the radio while it is trying to wake up. What I would suggest is connecting it to an XBIB-U-DEV board and seeing if you have the same issue. If you do not, then it is a power issue.

I have just tested this with the information provided and I am not seeing what you are. My module is drawing around 0.08mA while it is in a sleep state and 58mA while it is awake. No change. I am using the default settings minus the SM 4 SP BB8 and ST7D0.