Custom device

I have now read a lot of documentation and forum articles, but have no idea how to create a new custom device.
Copying and editing a Python device file from the src folder does nothing (no new list item in devices).
Is there a tutorial or a documentation how to make a custom device which works and shows in the device list? A custom icon would be nice too.


Are you asking about how to ‘add’ a device to the Digi ESP environment?

Yes, adding a “new” device to the ESP environment and creating a device file for my xbee sensor application.
Meanwhile I was looking around in the Dia folder and found the matching xml and png file, edited it and it works (=showing up in the list). The copied and edited xbib device file works too.
But it would be great having a foolproof documentation or tutorial for writing the code because Python is not “my” language.
Tomorrow I will take a closer look at the py files … but, that’s the hard way :slight_smile:

I almost mentioned the XML, but didn’t want to dive down the wrong, rocky road if that wasn’t your intent.

Hopefully someone on the ESP team will answer, but I think what you did is the only method at present. Long term the plan is to have ESP parse your PY file, but that doesn’t really solve the ‘issue’ because it still would require careful documentation lines to be added to the PY file or it becomes garbage-in-garbage-out. So some careful hand-coding by enlightened folks will still be required, just in the PY file instead of XML.