iDigi Dia with Digi ESP for Python

I would like to write driver of my custom device and add it into the Dia software. Could anybody show me how to create/add a new iDigi Dia project in Digi ESP for Python environment? Thanks a lots for your helps.

I need and example too.

I can’t modify the sample’s value and add some logic to a new driver!

Please help


You can go through following link and you will find the way.

Thanks! I will look into that!

I’m also stuck trying to create custom devices in Dia. The templates are very confusing… Does anyone know of a decent tutorial/explanation on how to write a custom device driver?


The documentation of the Digi ESP for python has a special chapter explaining this. It is the chapter “5.7. Custom Dia elements” (you can access this documentation from the “Help” menu > “Help Contents” item and then select the book “Digi ESP for Python”).

To use this feature you need to have a Dia project already created.


This page has an example on as a scheduler works