custom set low power (stop3 mode) XBee Pro

Hi all,

I have recently started working in a custom application using the SMAC stack from freeescale.
The problem I get is that the XBee Pro module is consuming a lot in stop3 mode. It should consume <1mA at 3.3 V but I get 6mA.
I have done also what is saying in the instructions but the power consumption is not reduced:

To Enter Sleep:
Configure the module ID pin (PTA1) as a low driving output: PTAPE_PTAPE1 = 0; PTAD_PTAD1 = 0; PTADD_PTADD1 = 1;
Call XBee_Phy_IO() to configure the PHY IO lines for sleep: XBee_Phy_IO(PHY_SLEEP);

Has anyone know what should I do to reduce the power?

Is your module XBee PRO S2B? I am using it.When the ember and freescale are both sleeping ,I get 0.3mA.
Do you use RTC method to wake up freescale?I want use RTC,but I don’t know how to set the freescal(MC9S08QE32).
Could you help me for that?