Customer Isolation on AnywhereUsb/14?

I am looking for a solution USB virtualization for Vmware ESX Platform. I have 2 prereq’s. Redunduncy (Which is Service Provider data center req…) and Customer Isolation (I will use AnywhereUSB for Vmware vCloud Environment)

As far as I see , AnywhereUSB/14 is a enterprise class device and has got redunduncy for power and ethernet module.

But I am not sure it’s got isolation ability for customers USB dongles. Some of customers want to use usb dongles for digital signing application (USB dongles consist of digital singing sertificate private keys) in my cloud environment.

So I need , USB oVer IP solution and have to isolate each customer usb dongles from each other.

Please help me? Can I do this with AnywhereUSB/14


You can create a group for each customers, meaning you can create 14 groups as there are 14 USB ports.
Once the customers are assinged to the one port no other computers are able to connect to that port.
But these ports are not password protected, once the customers disconnect the AUSB that USB port is available for other PC to connect.

Once a host machine is connected to one USB port, the USB port becomes unavailable for other machine even for the admin. This is similar to the group of ports.

So, if another user needs to use the particular USB port or the group of USB port(only in MHC USB devices) then the one who s connected to it must disconnect from the device.