Cyclic sleep mode

Hi everyone!

I need to setup a network for continious transmission of signals like EKG,EMg etc. So as I know a radio can’t receive simultaniously 2 or more packages, I thought on playing with sleep modes so I can configure cyclic sleeps on each remote radio for sending the info one after the other; 3 remotes radios e.g:
awake sleep sleep , then sleep awake sleep, then sleep sleep awake

With this I will be able of managing on the host/receiver radio, a package one by one with no problem.

The problem is I couldn’t set this up , I need to know how to exactly (step by step) configure and syncronize the remotes and the receiver radios sleep modes.

I’m not working on API mode, should I?

thanks a lot!!

The timer within the Xbee isn’t accurate enough to do any form of multi-node synchronization. Said simply ( a fake example) if you ask all 3 to wake every 10 seconds, in truth one might wake every 9.98 seconds, another every 10.01 seconds, and another every 10.02 seconds. They will drift.

While the radio doesn’t receive simultaniously, they DO support RF sense enough to back-off if anotehr node is talking. So as long as the nodes remain awake long enough to detect RF is busy and delay sending, then just having them wake unsynchronize is fine (with 3 nodes, or probably a dozen or two).