DALI and manchester coding

Hello there,

Curretly I am facing a problem that I am not sure how to tacle.
We have a mesh network with ix15 and self design pcb with xbee3, relay and dali output.
The issue is that I don’t know how to issue Dali commands from IX15. In a lower level Dali is an one channel with manchester coding, but I have to issue these commands on an xbee3/RR.
(the code will be running on the ix15, if it is possible, cause that way I only need to maintain one codebase per network, and I am not limited to xbee3, but if need it I can deploy micropython code to the xbee3 too)
Is there a library, that is already in used?

Thanks in advance!

For the IX15 and XBee, we do have Libraries that are available in the PyCharm application. See https://hub.digi.com/support/products/digi-xbee-micropython-pycharm-plugin/

Yes, I am familiar with that thank you.
I was looking for maybe there is already impleneted solution that I can import. Never mind.