Datawave Corp RS-485 Wireless Bridge, XBee based. Problem

Datawave Wireless Corp. RS-485 Wireless Bridge. I recently purchase two of these, they contain XBee radio modules. Devices not working, appear to be taking to each other but not passing my data. I am using 4 wire RS-485 mode.

Company apparently out of business. Does anyone have any experience with these ?

Additional information to my post: embedded module is XBee PRO S2C

I’ve had this issue before and solved it.

In the manual I changed these in my devices.

For point-to-point mode DH & DL on Radio A should be set to the SH & SL values of Radio B and vice versa.

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Thank You !! Are the settings DH, DL, SH, SL you mentioned on the XBee device within the Datawave device.

Have you used 4 wire RS-485 mode ?

Does the Datawave device baud rate need to be set to baud rate of my RS-485 data stream ?

Thanks Again ?? Please stay in touch